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Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence

Medical malpractice is estimated to kill around 90,000 people per year in the US. A medical negligence case is essentially a medical mistake case, and an injured patient pursuing the case without a malpractice attorney is unlikely to succeed. Malpractice cases are difficult and will almost certainly need medical expert testimony. Medical malpractice attorneys will help you find expert testimony to support the case, and help with proof of damages from the professional's negligence. Nursing home abuse is another area with similar difficulties, and just like medical malpractice claims, consulting or hiring a malpractice lawyer should be done shortly after you think you may have a nursing home abuse claim.

Legal malpractice is another area with similar difficulties because of the standard of care issue. A lawyer malpractice case has an interesting damages issue: what position would the client have been in without the legal error? The shorthand saying is that the client needs to win the malpractice case against the negligent lawyer, but also needs to win the "case within a case" the lawyer represented the client for when the lawyer malpractice happened. Consulting a lawyer malpractice attorney early is a good idea, as the case will likely involve some investigation, and some lawyers will not take legal malpractice claims.