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Personal Injury Resources

Injury Law Videos

Here is a link to my youtube channel, PortlandInjuryLaw, with some videos covering the basics of some common legal issues in car wrecks in Oregon:

Personal Injury FAQ

Here is a link to my personal injury frequently asked questions page.

Other Legal Resource Links

Linked below are some personal injury resources which may help you find legal assistance on your own, if you want to find answers to your legal questions on your own.

American Association for Justice

The AAJ is a national organization which promotes a fair and effective justice system, and which works to ensure that any person who has a personal injury because of the misconduct or negligence of others can obtain justice in America痴 courtrooms, even when taking on the most powerful interests.

Oregon Trial Lawyers Association

The Oregon Trial Lawyers Association is a statewide organization for the personal injury plaintiff痴 bar headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Most of the membership works on plaintiff痴 side personal injury cases, with a significant number representing small and medium sized businesses, family law, and employment and civil rights cases.

Oregon Jury Project

The Oregon Jury Project is dedicated to protecting the right of every Oregonian to seek justice and accountability through a trial by a jury of their peers.

Oregon State Bar

The Oregon State Bar is the licensing body for Oregon lawyers, and has a number of resources for potential clients in addition to the resources for lawyers. The sections on legal topics on the right side of the main page may answer a basic legal question and help you determine if you need legal assistance.

National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, NAPIL

NAPIL is a nationwide organization of personal injury lawyers which helps people find lawyers in their state, browsable by state or by zip code.

Oregon Revised Statutes

The Oregon Revised Statutes are the law of Oregon as expressed by the Oregon Legislature. Many subjects have laws dealing with them, and the Oregon Revised Statutes are a primary source of law. Because the Oregon Revised Statutes are listed as large pages of text, you may need to use an Edit: Find command with your browser to skip to the sections you are looking for. Chapters 12, 20, 30, 31, 742, 811, and 814 are likely to be the most useful personal injury resources in the ORS.

Oregon Administrative Rules

The Oregon Administrative Rules are the law of Oregon as passed by the agencies in the executive branch under the Governor, within the powers delegated to them by the Oregon Legislature. The Oregon Administrative Rules tend to be a bit more detailed than the Oregon Revised Statutes. You can find them by the name of the agency which passed them.

Oregon Judicial Department

The Oregon Judicial Department has all of the courts in the state court system, from the county circuit courts, to the Oregon Court of Appeals, and the Oregon Supreme Court. Links to most court websites can be found on the Oregon Judicial Department site, and the most recent Oregon Court of Appeals and Oregon Supreme Court Opinions are published on the site on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, respectively.

Multnomah County Circuit Court

The Multnomah County Circuit Court handles most court cases for Multnomah County, Oregon, including Portland, Gresham, and inner parts of southwest Portland approaching Beaverton. The Multnomah County Circuit Court is where most car wreck cases, insurance cases, divorce and family law cases, and contract, property and business cases get filed. The mandatory arbitration program is also a part of each county circuit court.

Washington County Circuit Court

The Washington County Circuit Court handles most court cases for Washington County, Oregon, including Beaverton, Hillsboro, Cedar Hills, Forest Grove, Tigard, and Tualatin.

Clackamas County Circuit Court

The Clackamas County Circuit Court handles most court cases for Clackamas County, Oregon, including Lake Oswego, West Linn, Oregon City, Happy Valley, Damascus, Estacada, and Sandy.

United States District Court for the District of Oregon

The USDC is the federal district court for the district of Oregon and deals with federal criminal cases along with federal civil cases and certain other cases where the parties are from different states, cases involving foreign nations.

Oregon Insurance Division

The Oregon Insurance Division is part of the Department of Consumer and Business Services and regulates the insurance industry in Oregon. The Insurance Division issues the regulations underlying the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act at ORS 746.230 and handles consumer complaints related to insurance company handling of claims. The Insurance Division also keeps track of insurance companies doing business in Oregon and has a searchable database by name.

Department of Consumer and Business Services

The Oregon DCBS protects Oregon consumers and workers while supporting a positive business climate. The department administers state laws and rules and protects consumers and workers in the areas of workers' compensation, occupational safety and health, financial services, insurance, building codes, and targeted contracting opportunities for small businesses.

Oregon DMV

The Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division is part of the Oregon Department of Transportation. DMV's mission is to promote driver safety, protect financial and ownership interests in vehicles and collect revenue for Oregon's roads.

Oregon Corporations Division Business Names Search Page

The Oregon Secretary of State Corporations Division keeps track of corporations, partnerships, LLP痴, LLC痴, and other business entities, except for insurance companies, which are tracked by the Insurance Division. The Corporations Division has a database of businesses which are searchable by business name.