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Lost Wages under Oregon Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Oregon PIP policies are required to cover 70% of your lost wages up to a maximum of $3,000.00 per month, but the wage loss payments are not triggered until the insured is disabled for 14 days. The balance of the lost wages are paid in the third party claim against the person who caused the wreck. Good documentation from the physicians and the employers is often the key to getting the injury time loss paid.

Another good part of Oregon's PIP lost wages statute is that you are not required to be working at the time of the injury, so long as you are "usually engaged in a remunerative occupation." So, if you are a seasonal worker with accident time loss, or you're simply in between jobs or temporarily out of work when you have an injury which renders you unable to do the work you usually do, PIP lost wages are still available to you, subject to the proof of the line of work and the timing.