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Oregon Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Medical and No Fault Medpay Coverage

In Oregon, car insurance policies are required to have Personal Injury Protection, or PIP coverage. PIP covers several things, the most important being your medical expenses. PIP is no fault coverage and pays your medical bills regardless of who is at fault for the collision.

Medpay coverage is like PIP in that it is no fault coverage, but it covers only medical expenses. Automobile insurance policies from states other than Oregon may have medpay rather than PIP coverage. In Oregon premises injury cases, there may be a medpay policy, which will cover the medical expenses regardless of who is at fault. PIP and medpay policies usually have time and dollar limits, which you will want to find out to make sure you get the most of your accident medical coverage.

In claims against third parties, like people who cause car wrecks, reasonable and necessary medical expenses are recoverable, and are the cornerstone of compensation for injured people. They include past and reasonably likely future medical expenses. However, third parties pay once at the end of the case rather than paying your medical expenses as they are billed, which is the problem solved by PIP and medpay policies.