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Hit and Run Accident and Driver Information Exchange Issues

If you're involved in a hit and run accident, or if the other driver's insurance information is wrong, report the incident to the police, DMV, and your insurance company promptly. Statutes and your insurance policy require you to report the incident to the government promptly. Reporting the incident to your insurer may also help you find the other driver's insurance information, since your insurer will not want to pay for a risk they do not insure (insured drivers who hurt you).

You may also want to make sure you get some witness identity information, as insurers are skeptical of hit and run and phantom vehicle claims. Statutes and likely your policy require a witness for a phantom vehicle claim, but they will help out in hit and run accidents and issues where there there is a bad driver information exchange. Keeping witnesses around for the police report and putting them in the DMV report will help out as well, so the information will not be lost.