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Neck Injury, Whiplash, and Back Injury

Neck Injury

Neck injury is one of the most common injuries in car accidents, whether it is whiplash, disc herniation, a torn disc, or a joint injury. Neck injuries often affect the daily living before and after treatments like neck surgery and rehabilitation. A neck injury lawyer can help evaluate and prove the damages, which will help to maximize the neck injury settlement.


Whiplash is something of a catch all term which describes the motion of the neck during a rear end car collision. Neck strain and sprain are the usual diagnosis for whiplash, although more severe injury like facet joint injury or disc injury are also common findings. Treatment usually involves a chiropractor, physical therapy, or other conservative measures, but in longer lasting cases, spinal injections may also help relieve the neck pain. Hiring a lawyer will help to maximize your whiplash settlement.

Back Injury

Back injury is fairly common in car accidents, but happens with other traumas as well. Back strain and sprain injuries are common, and lumbar disc herniation is more common than you'd think. With the insurance company arguments about common asymptomatic MRI findings like degenerative disc disease and degenerative joint disease, you may want to get a back injury lawyer involved to help maximize your back injury settlement.